Residential Concrete

We can conduct any residential concrete projects, from a foundation or driveway to a decorative patio or floor. This involves the design and construction of concrete construction for houses and their accessory structures. Residential concrete includes:


Is an essential part of outdoor living. You will likely spend many hours with friends and family on your patio. Because of its durability and design versatility, concrete is an excellent paving choice for patios.

Concrete in Lakeland fl. has become the new material of choice for designers. Decorative concrete in all of its stained, colored, molded and personalized glory is popping up in retail stores, trendy restaurants, offices, and homes everywhere.

Concrete Walkways 

or sidewalks are more than just a way to get wherever it is you’re going. They can provide much-needed curb appeal to homes and buildings, and they are fast becoming a point of artistic expression.

The best part is that most of the options will work just as well on an existing walkway because the concrete industry has rapidly developed many decorative products that can be applied to existing plain concrete walkways.


Concrete slabs are very strong and durable, and they require very little maintenance. The combined strength and longevity make concrete a relatively good value for large areas of paving.

Construction companies in Lakeland Florida use concrete lots because of their qualities and advantages. Although concrete is not the most attractive building material, color-etching and stamping are possible.


There are several types but it is ultimately to anchor the structure against natural forces including earthquakes, floods, frost heaves, tornadoes, and wind, and provide a level surface for construction.

T-Shaped, a traditional foundation method to support a structure in an area where the ground freezes. A footing is placed below the frost line and then the walls are added on top.

A slab-on-grade foundation, as the name suggests, a slab is a single layer of concrete, several inches thick. The slab is poured thicker at the edges, to form an integral footing; reinforcing rods strengthen the thickened edge.

Frost Protected, this method only works with a heated structure. It relies on the use of two sheets of rigid, polystyrene insulation-one to prevent freezing which is a problem with slab-on-grade foundations in areas with frost.

Retaining walls

Concrete is extremely strong, a vital quality when you’re talking about holding up tons of earth and water. Your concrete retaining wall will continue to cure in place, further increasing its strength.

The purpose of all retaining walls is to hold soil behind them. However, the specific needs will vary depending on the project. Additionally, it is important to check with and adhere to local building codes prior to any construction, even when walls are shorter than four feet.

Concrete slab 

Is a crucial structural element and is used to provide flat surfaces (floors and ceilings) in buildings. Lakeland concrete work uses slabs lots, for residential or even commercial purposes.

Conventional concrete has high embodied energy. Concrete has been the most common material used in slabs but several new materials are available with dramatically reduced ecological impact.

Concrete Tiles 

Flooring is more durable than hardwoods, and it outlasts ceramic tiles, too, making it a great solution not only for businesses and high-traffic public spaces but also as a material used in homes being built or remodeled.

You can use mild soap to mop the floor, but you should always dry mop over the surface to collect any standing moisture before it penetrates the tile. Lakeland concrete services use these since they serve well when used as backsplashes or fireplace accents and require little to no maintenance as they’re not underfoot.

We are a full-service concrete contracting company. At Concrete Services Florida, we protect your best estimate. We know concrete is a big permanent deal so we make sure we always do our best. Type of projects we do:

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