Parking Lot Paving

Concrete parking lots are a potentially lucrative market for concrete contractors and make good economic sense for building owners. Improved equipment and rising prices of asphalt have made concrete more competitive. People need to understand the advantages of Lakeland concrete parking lots in order to clearly justify them to their customers.

The rising asphalt prices have narrowed the gap with concrete. For years, contractors have emphasized concrete’s lower life-cycle costs based on its long life span and lower maintenance needs. When these factors are considered, concrete wins the race. Over its lifetime, the most expensive pavement is a typical asphalt pavement which is cheaper to build initially, but is under-designed in load-carrying capacity and ends up with high maintenance costs.

Costs of Parking Lot Pavings

Cheap asphalt is just that. It tends to tear up quickly. Also, your city may require previous surface offset as asphalt is an impervious surface. For larger sites, this means construction of a detention pond, a very expensive proposition in terms of both land costs, construction costs, and long-term maintenance. The same goes for concrete lots that last longer than asphalt but can be more expensive to build. Both asphalt and concrete parking lots aren’t just one-time expenses. 

Benefits of Concrete Parking Lot Paving

  • Concrete pavements can carry heavy loads without rutting or developing potholes. It’s far more durable than asphalt. It keeps its form without buckling even under the weight of heavy traffic and heavier vehicles. If you expect high traffic or visits from a lot of trucks, concrete is the material that can take the beating. With concrete’s rigidity and high strength, it only takes 5-inch-thick pavement to provide the same load-carrying capacity as 8 inches of asphalt.
  • Asphalt requires annual service and preventative maintenance. Concrete parking lots need service far less frequently. If you have enough to keep you busy at your company without having to schedule service calls every year, a concrete parking lot is the way to go. Comparing the combined cost of initial installation and 20-year maintenance costs, concrete is considerably less expensive. 

Lower utility bills. Less maintenance. Longer lasting. The initial installation cost can be higher and more time-consuming. Over the long term, however, the costs associated with a concrete parking lot can actually be a lot lower than an asphalt one, in terms of both cash and time expenditure. Maintenance for an asphalt lot can be as much as 80% of the initial construction cost.

  • Concrete parking lots can be colored and textured to meet the owner’s desires. Even a basic concrete parking lot typically looks better than its asphalt cousins. Better yet, concrete can be textured, colored, and decorated to create a unique, appealing aesthetic customized to your business. Asphalt is black or dark gray because it absorbs more light than it reflects. While concrete reflects three times as much light as asphalt. This reflected light reduces the amount of electric light required to keep the parking lot well-lit. A well-lit parking lot is crucial for safety, as it deters crime.

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