Concrete Pools

Building concrete pools in Lakeland Fl is a serious and costly project, which is why it’s vital to understand everything about it beforehand. Concrete inground swimming pools can be of the highest quality and long-lasting. Cement is actually a component of concrete, not the same thing, even though we tend to use the words interchangeably. Concrete is a mix of water, cement, sand, and coarse aggregate.

A concrete pool shell is created by spraying either gunite or shotcrete. Gunite is a dry mix with water in the sprayer, whereas shotcrete is already wet. These two methods produce the same result and have no significant difference in quality if done correctly. Now, what do you need to know, or do for a concrete pool in Lakeland Florida? 

Benefits of Getting Concrete Pools

  • Durability. Concrete pools in Lakeland have durability comparable to those made of fiberglass. These pools are very hard to damage, You don’t have to fear that sharp objects will damage the pool structure, which is a weakness of vinyl liners. If you want to let your dogs swim in the pool, their nails won’t hurt the concrete.

As a side note, the plaster of the pool is not as durable as the concrete structure itself and requires refinishing, which makes up part of the lifetime cost. Due to concrete’s sturdiness, Concrete is one of the most durable building materials and will last for decades with proper care and maintenance. The high durability means it will take a long time before the pool requires repairs and even longer before a replacement is needed. It lasts longer than any other kind of pool.

  • Customizable. The primary advantage of concrete is that it’s highly customizable. Other pools come in a set number of features. It gives you the ability to customize the size and shape. Also, any other features you may be looking for. It could be in any shape and size of what you want.  Allowing you to match any shape or design you can imagine. 

It can be as big as your heart desires. You have more freedom to design shallow and deep areas to fit the usage needs of you and your family. It might be very expensive but potentially doable. A concrete pool is perfect as a vanishing edge or infinity pool. You can customize with stairs or a beach entry, as well as add tanning ledges of any shape and size. The full pool design is in your hands.

  • Element-Friendly. When it comes to exposure to the elements, concrete fares well. It will withstand the rigors of cold climates but it will also wear well under the warm sun. Because of this, concrete is the most popular choice for swimming pool construction. Concrete pools typically add more to the resale value of a home than most other pools. 

That is helped along by having your pool maintained properly and keeping the chemicals balanced so the concrete doesn’t get discolored. Proper pool water chemistry will help ensure the concrete won’t fade or chip. This is especially important if you decide to have a unique color or design for the concrete.

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