Ocala Concrete Contractors  

We are a concrete contractor company that serves Ocala, Florida. We operate and serve Ocala, Florida, as well as the other surrounding areas. With our experience, we will work hard for your home or business, to supervise delivery and pouring, ensuring that it’s done correctly. Our concrete pavers can also repave an asphalt or concrete driveway that has been damaged by time, weather, or heavy loads to make the property look absolutely fantastic and as good as new.

When talking about concrete, aside from its versatility in concrete work, there are lots of various combinations to be done. From plain, gray concrete surfaces, to even gorgeous, decorative concrete finishes with great pattern and texture, there are lots of creative ways to use and decorate concrete, so, it’s only natural to first do your research and think it through thoroughly before deciding to start your project. We can conduct any residential, or commercial concrete projects, from a foundation or driveway to a decorative patio or floor.

Concrete Services In Ocala 

  • Patios
  • Concrete sidewalks and walkways 
  • Concrete pads and slabs
  • Concrete retaining walls 
  • Foundations
  • Repairs
  • Concrete polishing
  • Concrete floors
  • Concrete leveling
  • Commercial concrete 

About Ocala

Ocala, Florida is a city located in and also the county seat of Marion County within the northern region of Florida, United States. The place currently has a population and is home to 59,267 residents. Ocala offers residents a dense suburban feel in which most residents rent their homes. There are also many families and young professionals that choose to live in Ocala, as well as residents that tend to have moderate political views.

There is plenty of fun, enjoyable things to do in Ocala, Florida, also known as the “Horse County”. Well, there are various reasons why the city of Ocala is known as the “Horse Capital Of The World”. Just by approaching the city for miles, there are brown and whiteboard fences enclose squares of green pastures. As the city draws near, well-built barns abound, as well as the sleek, muscular animals themselves will be grazing in fields against a blue horizon backdrop.

There is no doubt that Marion County is the “Horse County” as it is home to more than 600 Thoroughbred farms and is also one of a handful of Thoroughbred centers in the world. The city of Ocala also offers and provides visitors winding community pathways that are lined with oak trees as well as superb, dangling trellises of Spanish moss, and the opportunity to explore miles of untainted nature.

If you’re not so interested in those things, why not canoe down a crystal clear stream amid the largest sand pine forest in the world. Since the city of Ocala as well as the surrounding Marion County are surely more than worth your time to explore and experience. Speaking of, Ocala and the region’s freshwater streams, rolling hills, and clean air have always remained unspoiled and have, in fact, been used for some Hollywood movies.

Near the city of Ocala is the Silver Springs State Park, which is quite well-known and has been a natural landmark destination since the 1870s. The 4,000-acre Silver Springs State Park does not only encompass along the springs, but also the entire 5-mile Silver River and surrounding sandhill forest. With all its glorious historic structures, as well as serene gardens, the Silver Springs remains Florida’s “original attraction”. 

Areas We Serve

We serve areas around Ocala, Florida, which may include the neighborhoods and areas around Maricamp, Fl 34471, USA, Martel, Fl 34474, USA, Ocala Thoroughbred Acres, Kendrick, Fl 34475, USA, Martin, Oak, FL 34479, USA, Huntington, Fl 34480, USA, Montague, and Santos.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Ocala Florida A Good Place To Live?

According to a certain blog, Ocala is also a great place for families to live. There are many young children in Ocala, and the median age is known to be 38.7. Although considering the poverty rate, it is about 20%, which is slightly above the national average.

What Is Ocala Florida Known For?

The city of Ocala is very well known for its hundreds of thoroughbred horse farms. The city of Ocala, as well as Marion County, are both quite well known as the “horse capital of the world.” 

How Far Is Ocala Florida From The Beach?

In terms of beaches, since the city of Ocala is situated inland near the middle of Florida, it is 75 miles from the nearest ocean beach. However, white-sand beaches and tropical getaways can be found nearby in Ocala National Forest.