Sign You Need Concrete Repair For Your Lakeland Driveway

Sign You Need Concrete Repair For Your Lakeland Driveway

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Concrete pavements and driveways are naturally durable. However, major cracks and potholes can be signs of aging. In fact, getting proper support and concrete paving services can add years to your pavement. Your driveway is going to need repairs sooner or later. You might not know until it’s too late, and your concrete driveway cracks or settles.

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Concrete Crack in LakelandThe most obvious and common sign is that your Lakeland driveway may need concrete repair cracks. If you notice cracks in your driveway, this can be due to the fact that soil beneath the concrete slabs is expanding and contracting thanks to periods of dry conditions followed by some rain. 

These are certain weather conditions we are familiar with in Lakeland, Florida, and this type of natural phenomenon adversely affects concrete works. Cracks are usually worsened by chemicals such as oil, gas, and de-icing salt, which penetrate through the concrete and weaken it. Even water can aggravate cracks when it seeps into them, where it later freezes and expands.

Initially, the cracks may be small and thin, which can be overlooked easily. If the damage isn’t addressed on time, the cracks become wider and longer. 

Concrete Seem Uneven

Your concrete needs a stable foundation. If the area under the surface can’t support your concrete, it can cause the surface to become uneven. When you notice your previously smooth concrete parking lot or sidewalk start to slope, it is a sign that your concrete is in serious need of repair. Uneven concrete can be due to weather conditions or shoddy foundation work. 

This occurs when a driveway sinks down resulting in misalignment. This is obviously a major issue in the pavement and requires immediate concrete driveway restoration. In fact, these misaligned slabs can lead to costly damages to your vehicle.

To fix this problem, you will need a professional to add support to the concrete. If you let this problem go on for too long, it could eventually lead to a dangerous situation. It creates a falling hazard for people who walk over the problem area. Once that happens, you’ll be left with no option but to get the entire concrete driveway replaced.


If there is a combination of potholes, cracks, pooling water, and unevenness, the damage is most likely age-related. Your driveway is probably too old to withstand any further wear and tear. Already existing cracks on the concrete driveway are also primary signs requiring repairs. This usually occurs due to aging. 

However, sometimes low-quality material can lead to such constant damage. Though there are types of concrete that can potentially last for long periods of time, concrete can still be worn away and fade over time. It can look faded and shabby. There usually is also an overall dowdy look about it, so to speak. When this is the appearance of your concrete, it is definitely time to call the experts, to make sure your concrete undergoes a professional evaluation.

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