How To Clean Your Lakeland Concrete Driveway 

How To Clean Your Lakeland Concrete Driveway 

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Naturally, everything is bound to get old and overused. Driveways themselves are especially more prone to this since if we think about it, driveways carry heavy loads often, being used very frequently. For the first year or two, it may still retain its pristine appearance, but without cleaning or maintenance, it would surely somehow, in the end, lose its luster. 

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These stains can be due to marks from the tires, leaks from oils, mold, and mildew, or even chemicals such as de-icers that people would usually use after winter. As long as you are able to use the proper and best methods, as well as using the correct cleaning materials to remove them, then the curb appeal of your place shouldn’t be affected that much. There are multiple ways for you to clean and preserve your concrete driveway, here are some of them:

Using A Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer is naturally the most common way to clean a concrete driveway. If you plan to clean it regularly or maybe every day, then you may need a simple garden hose with a spray nozzle, a concrete driveway cleaner, as well as a broom used to scrub the driveway. Although using a pressure washer is very effective, easy, and simple, you may still want to learn more about what you’re doing.

Some may already know it but the concrete driveway would obviously get damaged or etched when the pressure of the water is too strong or being washed too close. If you are worried about damaging your concrete driveway, then hiring a professional may be the best choice.

Using Concrete Driveway Cleaners

If you want to use the best possible concrete driveway cleaner for your Lakeland concrete driveway, then using a specialized product is always the best, but if you’re just doing some regular cleaning, then using any normal concrete driveway cleaner from your local stores should be fine.

If you are dealing with some oil, grease, grime, and dirt, then you should use a concrete degreaser, but if you’re dealing with some paint, sealers, epoxy, or other topical contaminants then you can use some use coatings remover or a stripper. Lastly, for efflorescence, salt deposits, lime, or rust stains would require a concrete driveway cleaner made with non-corrosive or biodegradable acid.

How To Clean Tire Marks

There could sometimes be some plasticizers from the tire that may migrate into and discolor the sealer due to some hot tires from cars. In addition, you may also use a concrete degreaser and a stiff brush to get rid of some markings on the driveway’s surface. There are some cases in which you may need to apply a solvent or totally remove the sealer with a chemical stripper if the discoloration is already moved into the very sealer.

Cleaning Fertilizer Stains On Concrete Driveways

In some cases, fertilizers could contain some metals and minerals which could give your concrete driveway some rust-looking stains. These can also result in some permanent color change damages or stains if they are allowed to penetrate. The common item used to clean these stains off is distilled white vinegar diluted 50:50 with water.


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